California Food and Farming Network

Every year CFFN members, representing the diversity of food & farming issues facing the state from hunger and nutrition to farmer livelihood and food chain worker protections, collectively identify policies important for the state’s food and farming system. We ask Legislators to prioritize these bills to ensure California’s policies better serve the health, ecological and economic needs of the state.

2019 Priority Food + Farm Bills

AB 409 (Limón) Agricultural Climate Adaptation Tools

AB 479 (Nazarian) California Climate-Friendly Food Program

AB 534 (Mayes) Envision a Hunger-Free California Act of 2019

AB 614 (Eggman) Food Donation Tax Credit Expansion

AB 838 (Eggman) Farmer Equity and Innovation Center

AB 842 (Limón) Hunger-Free Preschool

AB 958 (Aguiar-Curry) The California Organic-to-School Pilot Program

AB 986 (R. Rivas) Regional Economies + Equity in Agricultural Land (REEAL) Act of 2019

AB 1022 (Wicks) California Anti-Hunger Response and Employment Training Act of 2019

AB 1124 (Maienschein) Wildfire Protection

AB 1377 (Wicks) CalFresh

AJR 7 (T. Gloria) Green New Deal

SB 45 (Allen) Wildfire, Drought, and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2020

SB 200 (Monning) Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund

SB 285 (Wiener) CalFresh Connect

SB 458 (Durazo) Protect Children from Brain-Damaging Chlorpyrifos Act of 2019

SB 499 (McGuire) California-Grown for Healthy Kids

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Bills

AB 138 (Bloom) California Community Health Fund

AB 764 (Bonta) Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

AB 765 (Wicks) Health Checkout Aisles for Healthy Families Act

AB 766 (Chiu) Unsealed Beverage Container Portion Cap

SB 347 (Monning) Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Safety Warnings

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