California Food and Farming Network

The California Food & Farming Network is made up of over sixty organizations from across the state striving to improve the food and farming system. Collectively, CFFN is dedicated to advancing state policies that are rooted in communities, promote fairness and racial equity, secure financial prosperity and advance environmental sustainability. We share information, provide expertise, build alignment and advance policies through the multi-sector network.

Why do we need a food and farming network?

We are building a unified movement to improve the food and farming system by driving state and local policy change. While some of us are small in size or scope, we understand that food system change is expansive and complex. Seeking justice, equity and sustainability will require coordination across issue areas and geography. Statewide and local organization collaboration allows statewide groups to engage more deeply with community food and farming issues, while supporting local groups to advance their goals at the regional and state level. 

CFFN’s Ten Guiding Principles

  1. Ensures access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food as a basic human right
  2. Reduces health and income disparities and the concentration of resources, while upholding the dignity, security, and self-determination of all the communities it serves with equity-enhancing policies and practices. 
  3. Makes the healthiest choice the easiest choice with policies and practices that promote health and result in food environments that provide access to an abundance of affordable, fresh food choices, incentives to consume healthy, humane, local and California-grown foods. 
  4. Protects and restores our environment and vital natural resources, such as air, water, soil, biodiversity, climate, and wildlife and eliminates waste wherever possible. 
  5. Supports a vibrant and diverse food and agriculture economy comprised of businesses of multiple scales that sell into local, regional, state, national and international markets, while creating strong linkages and benefits for our local and regional economies. 
  6. Recognizes that a fair food system requires functional immigration and labor policies that uphold the dignity, safety, and quality of life for all who work to feed us. 
  7. Recognizes the vital role of education in preparing our youth to become the next generation of informed eaters, producers, and food chain workers. 
  8. Values our farmland and fisheries and the hard work and commitment of our farmers, fisherfolk, and ranchers. 
  9. Operates within a global food system that generates economic, political, and market realities that impact the choices of California producers, food businesses, policymakers and consumers. 
  10. Requires that all food system stakeholders are engaged in the political process and in vigorous dialogue with each other at the local, regional, state and national level through meaningful and effective collaboration.

CFFN’s backbone support comes from the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.

Network Members