California Food and Farming Network

The California Food & Farming Network is building a movement centered on racial equity to transform the food and farming system through state policies. 

Why do we Need a Food and Farming Network?

 CFFN was founded to address a gap that has kept our movement from being more powerful. While some of our member organizations are small in size or scope, we understand that the food system is expansive and complex; worker rights, farm production methods, environmental justice, and hunger are all interconnected, but often addressed in silos. Seeking justice, equity and sustainability requires that we bridge these divisions, bringing together organizations to confront Big Ag, chemical and food companies that otherwise drown us out in the California state capitol. 

Who can Join CFFN?

CFFN membership is organizational. Non-profit, non-governmental organizations with a grassroots base impacted by the food system, those with expertise in the food system that wish to make change through state policies, and those currently doing policy advocacy work at the state-level are welcome to apply. Members must be able to sign-on to our mission, vision, and values and be able to demonstrate their commitment to racial equity. 

What does CFFN Membership Mean?

CFFN membership means signing on to CFFN’s Mission, Vision, Values and Expectations (these can be found on our About Page). CFFN members actively contribute to shaping and supporting equitable California policies that directly and indirectly impact food and farming throughout the state. CFFN members are guided by the work and insight of the CFFN Steering Council. More information about the Steering Council can be found HERE.

Expectations of CFFN Membership

  1. Attend 8+ monthly meetings per year + an annual meeting
  2. Participate in working groups, learning spaces, and strategy discussions as appropriate

  3. Provide input on the Network’s policy priorities

  4. Support or sign-on to CFFN positions

  5. Participate on the CFFN listserv

  6. Contribute annual (tiered) dues for white-led and intermediary organizations (see our application for more info)

What are the Benefits of CFFN Membership?

  • Identify, develop and influence state policies that directly affect regional and state food and farming systems and communities 
  • Build relationships with statewide and local organizations and state policymakers working on a variety of priority issue areas to grow political power for food systems change 
  • Participate in peer-to-peer learning and creation of accountability tools to uphold shared values 
  • Get support creating equitable policy development structures 
  • Access trainings and other resources that build skills and capacity, such as beginner and advanced policy advocacy trainings, support to engage with state representatives, action alerts and updates on the legislative process 

What is the Application Process?

New CFFN memberships are approved by our Steering Council.  While the Council considers applicants holistically, they are particularly looking for an applicant’s ability to sign-on to our mission, vision, values and dues structure; their demonstrated commitment to racial equity; and their purpose for applying.  

Once you submit your application, we will be in touch within two working days of your application submission to acknowledge receipt. We may ask for a short  meeting to get acquainted and ask further questions. Decisions on new members take an average of two weeks.

Ready to Join?

Please take the time to read the entire Membership Page before submitting a membership application. For additional information or questions about membership, please contact Beth Spitler at

For more information about CFFN or to request a paper membership application, contact Beth Spitler at bspitler[at]

Network Members