California Food and Farming Network

The California Food & Farming Network strives to advance state food and farming policies that are rooted in communities, promote fairness and racial equity, secure financial prosperity and advance environmental sustainability. We share information, provide expertise, build alignment and advance policies through the multi-sector network.

Why do we need a food and farming network?

 We are building a unified movement to improve the food and farming system by driving state and local policy change. While some of us are small in size or scope, we understand that food system change is expansive and complex. Seeking justice, equity and sustainability will require coordination across issue areas and geography. Statewide and local organization collaboration allows statewide groups to engage more deeply with community food and farming issues, while supporting local groups to advance their goals at the regional and state level. 

Who can join CFFN?

Non-profit, non-governmental organizations doing food and farming policy work at the state-level, as well as local organizations like food policy councils that are willing to engage on policy, work democratically, engage in multi-sector work across the food system, and are aligned with CFFN’s mission. If you are part of a local organization that does not belong to a group like a food policy council, please get in touch!

What does CFFN membership mean?

CFFN members sign on to CFFN’s Mission and Guiding Principles and membership is free. A Coordinating Committee provides guidance to CFFN’s staff. Participation in working groups that carry out particular strategies or campaigns is voluntary.

Expectations of CFFN membership

  1. Committing to CFFN’s Mission, Guiding Principles, and Racial Equity Statement
  2. Interest in stepping outside of your issue area/geography to support work across food system sectors

  3. Choosing a representative to participate in CFFN activities

  4. Joining monthly conference calls and an annual agenda-setting meeting in Sacramento

  5. Participating on a CFFN listserv

  6. Opting-in to network actions aimed at creating and changing food and farming policies, such as bill sponsorship and support, electoral engagement, relationship-building with policymakers, events, etc.

What do organizations get out of CFFN membership?

  • Identify, develop and influence state policies that directly affect regional and state food and farming systems
  • Build relationships with statewide and local organizations working on a variety of priority issue areas to grow political power for food systems change
  • Participate in peer-to-peer learning and sharing with both state and local groups
  • Access to trainings and other resources that build skills and capacity, such as beginner and advanced policy advocacy trainings, support to engage with state representatives, action alerts and updates on the legislative process
  • Be part of determining what more our movement needs! Your participation can help the network be more responsive to the needs and assets of your organization by informing our policy priorities and outreach methods

For more information about CFFN or to request a paper membership application, contact Beth Spitler at bspitler[at]

Network Members