California Food and Farming Network

Every year CFFN members, representing the diversity of food & farming issues facing the state from hunger and nutrition to farmer livelihood and food chain worker protections, collectively identify policies important for the state’s food and farming system. We ask Legislators to prioritize these bills to ensure California’s policies better serve the health, ecological and economic needs of the state.


AB 1871 (Bonta) – Charter schools: free and reduced-price meals

AB 1894 (Weber) – Postsecondary eduation: student hunger

AB 1981 (Limón) – Organic waste: composting

AB 2062 (Maienschein) – State highways: landscaping

AB 2335 (Ting) – Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program: Healthy Stores Refrigeration Grant Program

AB 2377 (Irwin) – Agriculture: Cannella Environmental Farming Act of 1995: technical assistance grant program

AB 2411 (McCarty) – Solid waste: use of compost: planning

AB 2909 (Wood) – Poultry producers: small-scale producers and California Retail Food Code

SB 623 (Monning) – Water quality: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund

SB 900 (Wiener) – Electronic benefits transfer system: CalFresh supplemental benefits

SB 946 (Lara) – Sidewalk vendors

SB 974 (Lara) – Medi-Cal: immigration status: adults

SB 1192 (Monning) – Children’s meals


AB 626 (Garcia, Eduardo) – California Retail Food Code: microenterprise home kitchen operations.

AB 2166 (Caballero) – California Farm Bill: agricultural technology

AB 2178 (Limón) – Limited service charitable feeding operation


AB 1885 (Gardica, Eduardo) – undocumented workers: California Resident Worker Program and Economic Stabilization Act

SB 965 (McGuire) – California Cattle Council

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